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Frequently Asked Questions

XtremeWriter is a software powered by artificial intelligence that helps you create content for your website using your desired topics and keywords.
With XtremeWriter, you can input your topics and keywords using an Excel CSV file, and select from a range of models to generate high-quality content. Once you’ve created your content, our plugin allows you to automatically upload it to your WordPress or Shopify website.
XtremeWriter allows you to create content in any niche, including blog articles, product descriptions, and more.
By using XtremeWriter, you can save time and effort in creating content, enhance your website’s SEO, and improve your online presence.
Our plugin source allows you to easily upload the content generated by XtremeWriter to your WordPress or Shopify website.
Yes, you can customize the content generated by XtremeWriter to best suit your needs.
XtremeWriter offers a range of models for content generation, including text generation, summarization, and more.
The cost of XtremeWriter is $89.